Our Classes

Jell O

0-4 months

A brand new world awaits your infant. As this world is so new to them (and to you), we will gently introduce you and your baby to movements, activities and opportunities that will help each stage of development to unfold seamlessly. Your baby is likely 0 to 4mths old – but reach out to us if you are not sure.

Jelly Bean

4-8 months

This stage is specific to babies who may be rolling and pivoting but are not yet moving forwards. Our facilitators will help to guide you and your baby through specific patterns of movement, while building strength in you and your baby and establishing important daily rituals to promote the natural sequence of development. Your baby might be 4 to 8mths old – but reach out to us if you are not sure.

Gummi Bear

6-12 months

Gummi bears are approximately 6 – 12mths old and are moving forward in a prone position (on the belly). This group will be consolidating early skills while honing strength, coordination and balance. These vital areas of development require early tuning in order to establish concrete foundations.

Jelly Tots

9-12 months

Class - Jelly Tots

Jelly Tots are moving proficiently on hands and knees, testing out their balance on two legs by pulling up to stand. Approximately 9-12 months old, they move quickly and are confident problem solvers.