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There is significant evidence to support the benefit of movement to physical and mental health throughout life.

The more we move the more we want to move; the less we move, the less we are able to move. As we grow we may develop a tendency to avoid participation in movement due to a lack of belief in our abilities.

The Reach Program fosters each individual’s connection to movement by understanding the individual’s strengths and challenges. Reach not only develops the individual’s ability to move but also brings movement to the individual’s level of development at any stage in life, focusing on the process and acknowledging effort.

The timeline of development is individual and educating a parent to that can help to support a child’s attitude to movement. It is important that the child from the beginning, takes their own time and that they are allowed to strive for their personal best and not someone else’s. Reach helps to nurture a love of movement, not in terms of performance but in terms of enjoyment, while helping to achieve personal milestones.

“Play is the work of the children” Maria Montessori

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